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New Tower Crane brochure demonstrates unique cost and time savings

ALE has published a brochure on their new KR 1650L tower crane, detailing its advantages and cost and time efficiency in the wind renewables sector. The KR 1650L can operate in higher wind speeds than other cranes and can be easily relocated. Its shipping is more cost-effective as the crane has...

ALE achieves third place in top crane rankings

ALE has been rated the third top crane-owning company by International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine in their IC50 chart. In the last year, ALE has continued to increase its crane capacities. ALE unveiled innovative tower cranes for use in the wind sector. The K1650L crane has lifting capabilities like no...
ALE grows crane fleet in the Caspian

ALE uses swift team collaboration to complete heaviest ever convoy transportation in Saudi Arabia

ALE has utilised its experience of transportation over long distances and its international branch network to transport the heaviest items ever moved in convoy through Gijon and Saudi Arabia. A total of five slug catchers will be transported internationally through built-up areas and across vast distances. In July, ALE completed the...
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