ALE transport 289te piece for coal terminal, Australia

Overview: ALE transported a 289te Jetty Canti-Traveller Frame (JCT) from a Construction Workshop to a Temporary Laydown at Harrup Marine, Hemmant Brisbane.

Services required: The JCT Frame is designed to be used for the installation of piles and deck units on a Ship Loading Jetty for a Coal Export Terminal currently under construction.

The first stage of the project involved lifting the fully assembled frame using ALE’s 450t Lift N Lock Hydraulic Gantry and placing it onto an 18 Axle x 2 file SPT for transport. Due to the height required to lift the JCT in order to place it onto the SPT, it was deemed impractical to perform this work using conventional jacking systems.The JCT was then transported on site to a temporary laydown area on site for later loading onto a barge for delivery to Gladstone.

ALE was then again engaged to unload the JCT from the Delivery Barge, transport on site and place it upon mountings (Rocker Boxes) at the Jetty Approach.

The load-in from the barge required careful planning to meet tides required to ensure deck and ramp angles remained within operational tolerances. Final placement onto Rocker Boxes required dual crane lifts at each end of the JCT and involved detailed lift planning to ensure the SPT could be removed from under the load once in place.

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  • ALE transport 289te piece for coal terminal, Australia

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