Awsworth over bridge replacement, UK


ALE performed the successful installation of the new Awsworth Road Bridge in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, over the Derby to Chesterfield main railway line.

Services Required

ALE was contracted to supply and erect trestling for both the new and old bridges, and to remove the existing bridge, weighing 425t, and install the new bridge, weighing 525t.

Once the bridge was constructed it was jacked-up to installation height, a trial lift was then carried out within the confines of the site compound.

The bridge re-construction works involved the SPMTs having to drive over the railway lines. Some of the ‘Bog mats’ were installed by the client prior to the main 29-hour possession to protect the lines from the axle loadings of the SPMTs, the remainder were then installed at the start of the possession.

The existing bridge comprised of three spans with two support columns. The SPMTs were positioned so that they supported each of the spans. 16 axle lines in a 2 x 4 file 8 configuration and 12 axle lines of SPMT in a 4 file 6 configuration were utilised to remove the bridge and position it on the pre-erected high-level trestling in the compound.

The new bridge was built with greater clearance, to allow for any future electrification works of the line beneath.

The bridge was installed with 16 axle lines in a 2 x 4 file 8 configuration. Due to the increased clearances from the old bridge to the new bridge, it was necessary to incorporate climbing jacks on the SPMTs to be able to accommodate this change in support height.

The climbing jacks positioned on the SPMTs lifted the packing steelwork to the correct level before the SPMTs were driven under the new bridge. The new bridge was lifted clear of the trestling and driven from the compound onto the protected tracks, installed onto timber packs/conventional jacks and positioned on the abutments prior to the installation of the bridge, as the bearing plinths had not been cast at this stage of the works.

The SPMTs were then driven back to the compound ready for de-mobilisation. Once the bearing plinths had been cast and the concrete had reached the required strength, the jacks and timbers were removed.

The removal and installation of the bridge took place in one shift as part of the 29-hour possession over the weekend of the 17th– 18th December 2016.

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  • Awsworth over bridge replacement, UK

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