Jacking and skidding of a 500t yacht, UK


ALE has completed the jacking and skidding of the Lady A yacht, weighing 500t, in Trafalgar Wharf, Portchester.


Services Required

ALE laid five skid tracks perpendicular to the keel of the yacht to allow skid beams, which were topped with steel beams, to be skidded into place under the keel. Once in place, the client welded their temporary supports on to the top of our beams.

Once the supports were welded, ALE used hydraulic jacks under the steel beams to transfer the weight of the yacht and allow the client to remove their build supports.  When all of the supports were removed, hydraulic jacks were lowered until the beams sat on the SS150 skid beams and the weight had transferred from the jacks onto the skid beams.

ALE then skidded the yacht approximately 22m using hydraulic push pull rams. Once the yacht was above its final location, hydraulic jacks were once again placed under the steel beams and lifted to allow the client to install new supports onto the ship lift trolleys. During the welding procedure, ALE support the yacht. Once all of the supports were attached, ALE lowered the yacht and demobilised the equipment.

The jacking and skidding operation took a total of three hours and was executed in night-time hours to minimise disruption to works being carried out inside yacht.

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  • Jacking and skidding of a 500t yacht, UK

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