Load-out of two platform jackets, Azerbaijan



ALE has successfully performed the ballasting operations for the load-outs of two jackets for an offshore platform project in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Services Required

The jackets all varied in weight, the first Production and Riser (PR) platform jacket weighed 13,977t, and the Living Quarters and Utilities (QU) platform jacket weighed 12,369t.

ALE was contracted by the jacket constructor BOS Shelf to provide the full external ballast system and engineering, as well as the ballast system design and calculations. The jackets were loaded-out onto the same STB-1 launch barge, measuring 153m x 45m x 12m, using the client’s push/pull skidding system. ALE utilised their barge level monitoring and control system for close control and monitoring of the barge and the environment during the load-out.

In order for the ballast system to be compatible with the existing ballast piping on board the barge, ALE designed and fabricated some bespoke piping. ALE’s ballast system comprised of eight 24PS (2000t/hr submersible ballast pumps) and 14 10PS (1000t/hr submersible deballast pumps).

These operations were part of the much larger offshore project, where ALE has also been contracted to perform the jack-up lifting, weighing, strand jack skidded load-out, load-out ballasting and load-out mooring for two topsides, as well as the offshore floatovers of the topsides.

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  • Load-out of two platform jackets, Azerbaijan

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