Replacement of electrical cabinets, Australia


ALE has removed 12 electrical cabinets from an existing switch-room at the Awoonga Dam in Gladstone, Queensland.


Services Required

The electrical cabinets, weighing 12t each, were from the Awoonga Dam during a pump-station shutdown.

The old cabinets were transported to the client’s laydown area in Gladstone, where they were then offloaded.

The new cabinets were then loaded and transported to the Awoonga Dam, where they were installed inside the switch-room.

Because of the limited access outside and inside the switch room, ALE had to adopt a hands-on approach. This meant that all cabinets needed to be jacked-up using jacks or toe-jacks before the skate tracks, with the skates, could be positioned.

Special care was to be taken in consideration of the crossing of the cable culvers running along and across the cabinets.

The client was on a tight schedule and allowed only three days for the exchange of the cabinets. Through effective planning and preparations, ALE were able to complete the job within the stated timeframe.

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  • Replacement of electrical cabinets, Australia

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