Heightening and skidding of a container crane, USA


ALE has successfully carried out the heightening and skidding of a container crane, weighing approximately 570t, in New York Harbour, New York, USA.


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ALE heightened the crane a total of 6.9m using a gantry lifting system. This system was composed of four 200t lifting units at the land side and four 70t lifting units at sea side. By resting the gantry on the beams, supported on the sill beam of the crane, ALE was able to transfer the weight of the lifted leg directly to the railway of the crane.

The lifting took just four hours. Once heightened, additional sections of 6.096m crane legs were inserted. The operation took 18 hours altogether.

The heightened crane was then skidded into position in New York Harbour using four skid shoes, with a 300t capacity at the land side, and two flat skid beams, each with a 500t capacity at sea side.

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  • Heightening and skidding of a container crane, USA

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