Stator Generator Transport, South Africa

ALE was contracted to transport stator generators from Small Craft Harbour, Richards Bay to Medupi Power Station in Limpopo Province 985 kilometres from port and Kusile Power Station in Mpimalanga Province 650 kilometres from port.

The project involved collaboration between ALE’s South African and UK operations as we planned and then exported a large amount of plant, equipment and manpower with less than three months notice door to door. Each 357te generator was transported using two 16 axle, 3 file conventional bogies, one AL500 Frame, three 8×8 FAUNS, a 6×6 Mercedes Benz and two 8×4 Mercedes Benz.

The transport involved a 14% incline while travelling through Swaziland, and the Mfolozi Bridge in South Africa had to be propped up to support the weight. Future work on this project will include offloading the generators on site with a 4 point lift system, loading and site transport, designing and supplying two custom-built overhead gantry systems and installing of all 12 units.

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  • Stator Generator Transport, South Africa

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