Transportation of a 280t gas turbine, Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan


ALE have successfully completed the land transportation of a 280t gas turbine from Ersai yard in Kazakhstan to Tashkent Thermal Power Plant in Uzbekistan. This is the heaviest load ever moved in the Caspian region by ALE.


Services Required

ALE were contracted to perform the transportation as part of the Tashkent Thermal Power Plant Upgrade project in Uzbekistan.  To comply with the ground load restrictions advised by the Kazakh and Uzbek Governments, ALE used a configuration of three files of 22 conventional trailers to transport the 280t gas turbine.

ALE travelled a distance of 2,200km through the Mangystau desert and onwards, along the length of Uzbekistan. The dedicated transportation team utilised on-site accommodation arrangements in order to ensure fastest possible delivery time and offer a round the clock transportation service to the client.

Due to the critical nature of the transportation, ALE’s on-site engineering and management support provided continued assistance to the client, including bridge crossings, route modifications, transportation approvals and liaising with the local authorities, to ensure the project schedule was met.

The transportation was completed in the most efficient manner, minimising disruption to the local community and environment.

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  • Transportation of a 280t gas turbine, Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan

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