Transportation and installation of a 250t bridge, Germany


ALE was contracted for the transportation and installation of an arch bridge at the Wykhoffweg in Emden, Germany.


Services Required

This arch bridge weighed 250t and measured 48m long, 10m wide and 10m high. The bridge was constructed partly inside a fabrication hall in the harbour area, almost 5km away from the installation site. Due to height restrictions inside the hall, the bridge first needed to be transported out of the hall using 14 axle lines of SPMT.

The bridge was then set down onto four 150t climbing jacks, where the bridge was jacked-up to the required height for onward transportation using SPMTs and bolsters. Once prepared, the bridge was transferred onto the two 14 axle lines of SPMT with two 400t bolsters and lashing. As it was transported at night, lighting was then installed so the bridge was ready for transport over the public roads.

The route involved transporting the bridge 4.8km on public roads, permits were required, therefore a route survey was carried out beforehand to identify all obstacles and street furniture, such as light masts, traffic signs and traffic lights, that had to be removed prior to the transportation. The SPMT configuration was chosen so that the axle loads were kept below the maximum allowed on the public roads, whilst also ensuring sufficient stability.

ALE installed the bridge using two cranes, a 650t capacity crawler crane on the north side and a 550t capacity mobile crane with lattice boom on the south side (from which the bridge was transported).

To install the bridge it first was transported as far as possible to the first abutment on the south side.  Then, the bridge was lifted from the front SPMT by the mobile crane. Using the mobile crane and rear SPMT, the bridge was transported 17m forward. After this, the bridge was set down again on the front SPMT in order to support the bridge at about 2/3 of its length. The front of the bridge was then transferred to the crawler crane, on the opposite side of the canal. The front SPMTs could then be removed and the transportation could continue. Using the crawler crane and rear SPMTs, the bridge was moved 31m forward.

The final part of the installation involved both cranes, where the mobile crane lifted the bridge at the rear and the crawler crane at the front.

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  • Transportation and installation of a 250t bridge, Germany

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