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Founded in 1983, ALE is now one of the world’s leading international heavy transport and installation contractors with a global network of operating centres and a large fleet of heavy cranes, specialist transport and installation equipment.

As the business grew, new territories were entered with the first major international office based in Abu Dhabi to service the oil, gas and power industries across the UAE. In 1995 Mark Harries took on the role of Managing Director, leading the business as it continued to expand into new regions across the globe through organic growth and business acquisitions.

In 2006 our skilled engineers within our Research and Development (R&D) facility came up with the first concepts for the world’s largest capacity land based crane, which was later launched in 2008 and named the AL.SK190.

In 2011, we launched the record breaking Mega Jack, this system would go on to change the way construction is completed in the offshore industry; by allowing lifts at capacities never before seen we truly are the innovators in the industry. This same year saw the second AL.SK190 crane constructed and available to the market.

During 2012 we announced new offices in Brazil and Iraq; we won multiple awards from ESTA and the NDA; we entered joint ventures with both ECR heavylift in Australia, Roll-Lift in Canada and AG&P in the Philippines to offer solutions to the market in these regions.

In 2013, we announced the opening of our Caspian office and we won the ESTA award for transportation job of the year. We also announced that our JV with AG&P was working on a project to create an innovative solution for challenges faced in the loading-in and out of project cargo in parts of the world with extreme tidal variations, the solution was named – Hydro Deck.

Our greatest achievement of 2013 was achieved by the Mega Jack on a project in Korea to lift a topside platform for installation offshore; this was the first time in history that a weight of 43,475t was lifted.

In 2014, ALE announced its new Innovation Series brand with the launch of the Mega Jack 800, performing its first project in June – the 1,570t Loenerslootse bridge exchange over the Amsterdam-Rijn canal in Nigtevecht, the Netherlands.

In October, ALE unveiled the latest addition to their fleet: the Trojan truck. Heralded as the first in the next generation of vehicles in the heavylift industry, the Trojan truck signalled a major breakthrough in capability, fuel efficiency and reliability.

ALE entered the new digital age of smartphone apps and launched its first augmented reality app for Android and Apple phones.

2015 was off to a great start with the Mega Jack 800 and Trojan truck both crowned as Innovations of the Year at the ESTAs and The Heavies awards. In the summer, the Mega Jack performed the world’s highest jack-up and skidding operations in Malaysia, as it jacked-up the Malikai Topside 40m high before skidding the Topside a distance of 90m whilst at elevation. Later in the year, ALE executed their heaviest skidding operation when they skidded the forward section of an aircraft carrier, weighing 26,500t, for HMS Prince of Wales in Rosyth Dockyard, UK.

ALE announced their latest innovation, the All Terrain Transporters, a new generation trailer that will allow fast transportation of large and heavy loads on minimally prepared roads to deep, inland locations.  ALE also made investments in the world’s highest capacity SPMTs.

ALE expanded its operations in Asia, opening an office in Tianjin in China, as well as in Africa, with an office in Maputo in Mozambique.

In 2016, it was full steam ahead with investment in equipment and the latest technologies. ALE started to fabricate the heavy duty jib with a 3,400t lifting capacity for the AL.SK crane fleet, and completed the build of the sixth and final Trojan truck. ALE went onto launch a new fleet of mechanical widening trailers in South Africa and manual widening trailers in the UK, to overcome the transportation challenges in each respective country. Later in the year, the Lightweight Service Crane was also unveiled at a launch in the Netherlands. The modular crane provides a versatile lifting solution for spaces with limited access.

The AL.SK350 crane performed its inaugural job whilst executing an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) integration project in Brazil, lifting a 3,000t module – the world’s heaviest commercial lift using a land based mobile crane.

2017 was off to a great start when ALE performed the world’s heaviest commercial lift using a land based mobile crane to lift a 3,000t module using the AL.SK350 in Brazil.

A new self-propelled skid system, the SS800, with 800t capacity skid shoes was designed and built.

ALE broke another record when executing a complex salvage operation in the East China Sea. ALE used 600 axle lines – a world record-breaking number of SPMTs – during this operation.

ALE expanded their offshore services by acquiring Conbit, a specialist structural engineering and lifting contractor in the offshore engineering and maintenance, and onshore tower markets.

To satisfy client demand, ALE built a second Mega Jack 800 system.

ALE launched the AL600 girder frame, the high-capacity and high-stability Telescopic Lifting Gantry (TLG1000) and Route Survey Tool.

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