ALE builds new high capacity girder frame

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ALE has built a new high capacity girder frame, the AL600. The AL600 will be able to carry loads up to 600t – 100t more than ALE’s current largest frame, the AL500.

The frame will be used to transport loads under small bridges and to reduce axle loadings. When negotiating bridges, the load is suspended in the girder frame with minimum road clearance in order to transport it under the bridge without the need to jack-up the bridge or build huge costly bypasses.

One of its most noteworthy features is that the necks narrow in from the load carrying beams to the tower on the trailer. The ends of the necks are narrower than the trailer width. As a result, the convoy can drive around narrow curves in the road without taking up as much space and needing to remove lamp posts and other obstacles.

Now the AL600 has been built, function and load tested in the Netherlands, it will be shipped to its inaugural project in Chile.

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