ALE completes bridge launch in Serbia

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ALE has completed the launching of the Zezelj bridge, weighing 11,100t, in Novi Sad, Serbia, in October 2017.

The global heavylifting providers were contracted by Azvi to perform the bridge launch of the 474m-long bridge. The project started in June 2017 and involved jacking as well as launching two arches and installation of two span sections.

ALE deployed jacks, skidding system, three pontoons (coupled each other) combined with hydraulic winches, a ballast system, as well as a bespoke gantry designed especially for the project.

The first manoeuvre consisted of jacking-up the first bridge section, weighing 4,750t, using 16 jacks with 7,600t capacity. ALE adapted the height of the gantry for several river levels and used a modular steel structure with the combination of hydraulic jacks on top the main columns.

The second arch measured 220m long and weighed 6,400t, and was launched using the same methodology as the first arch.

The operations took just five days over the four months.

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