ALE revolutionises route surveying with new technology

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ALE has launched its new Route Survey Tool, which is set to revolutionise the way route surveys are carried out in the heavylifting industry.

ALE designed the Route Survey Tool as a computerised system that automatically logs accurate route descriptions on digital maps. Critical sections of the route are measured and photos, video footage and drawings are generated for more in-depth analysis.

The system has a scanning range of a 100m radius around the car and, at 100m, it can scan to an accuracy of 20mm. The system also has a GPS accuracy of ± 0.5m.

Safety is also improved and project efficiency is optimised as the separate Driver Assist tool helps on the actual route by instructing drivers of the route ahead. By providing them with automatic data, they can prepare for complex parts of the route beforehand and improve the overall time and cost efficiency of the project.

The route survey tool has been fully tested and will now be implemented across the ALE group worldwide. It is currently being used in Indonesia.

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