ALE transports 75m blade for City of Culture celebrations

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ALE has transported a Siemens wind turbine blade, measuring 75m long, as part of the Hull UK City of Culture programme. This is one of the largest wind blades ever delivered on UK roads.


ALE transported the wind blade under the cover of darkness on SPMTs and bolsters from Siemens’ production facility, 3.5 miles away, through winding city streets to Queen Victoria Square.


Once in position, it was mounted on specially-constructed supports. At the highest point it is 5.5m from the ground – allowing double-decker buses to pass under the tip of the blade. It is believed to be the first time such a huge industrial structure has been manoeuvred into a city centre to be displayed as a temporary art installation.


The installation is part of its contribution to the cultural and artistic programme. This was instrumental for the artwork, ‘Blade’ by multi-media artist Nayan Kulkarni, who reinterpreted the 75m long wind turbine blade as a monumental sculpture installed across the historic Queen Victoria Square.


The blade will remain in Queen Victoria Square until March 18.


Read the full story here.


Read the case study here.


Photo credits: Siemens/Sean Spencer, Hull News & Pictures.

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