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ALE has been awarded second place in International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine’s Top Lift competition.

The magazine’s readers voted ALE’s record-breaking crane lift of the M9 module, weighing 3,000t, as the second-best lift performed in the previous year.

This was the largest commercial lift by a land based crane.

The lift was performed in southern Brazil using ALE’s AL.SK350 crane rigged in its current biggest configuration with 49m ballast radius and 4,000t ballast. ALE used 130m of boom and a 4,000t capacity winch system at a radius of 86m.

As the AL.SK350 cranes give a much greater reach, ALE was able to lift all of the modules from their fabrication location and therefore minimise the need for additional equipment on site to transport the modules.

ALE moved a total of 40 modules during the operation, lifting a combined total weight of over 36,000t (including tackle) during the four-month operation.

Read the full case study here.

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