ALE propose heavylifting solution at decommissioning conference

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ALE and the Port of Cromarty Firth gave a joint presentation during a session based on ‘’Developing capabilities within the UK’s decommissioning market’ at Decom Offshore in May 2018.

Dan Kempin, Business Development Manager for ALE – Offshore Services, co-presented with Calum Slater, General Manager, Port of Cromarty Firth on ‘How to Increase the UK‘s Share of Big Decom’.

‘’There are some excellent decommissioning facilities in the UK, including our own, but there is a part of the market we are losing to other countries.  The challenge is the lack of an ultra-deep-water berth on the British East Coast that gives direct access to a quay. This means that UK ports are currently missing out on decommissioning project opportunities involving ultra-heavy lift vessels.  Both Scottish and UK Governments have recognised this challenge and are currently investigating the creation of a deep water port.  In addition, we believe there may be a complementary solution that could be put into place immediately,” explained Calum.

Dan then discussed a proven technical solution to overcome the lack of UK quayside accessibility, combined with one that also answered the ultra-heavy lift vessels contractor’s needs. An optimised ‘smarter’ transition barge, a cost-effective solution of re-usable modular grillage, rapid fix sea fastenings with the ability to efficiently offload the structures from the barge at all states of the tide; such as with ALE’s Hydro Deck.

Both ALE and the Port of Cromarty Firth wanted to propose an alternative or complementary cost-effective solution to the proposed Ultra Deep-Water Port with those working within the industry and gauge their feedback.

The presentation was well received. And the audience’s ‘live polling’ results indicated a consensus in the wish to maximise ‘big decom’ opportunities. Likewise, much of the audience agreed that the UK supply chain needed to look for innovative solutions; therefore, the strategy of increasing quayside accessibility through the Hydro deck barge, complemented with ALE’s inventive re-usable modular grillage and rapid fix sea fastenings, reinforced this. Thus, helping to support UK ports in achieving the objective of increasing their share of ‘Big Decom.’

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