Lego creation of ALE’S Trojan truck

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An engineering intern at ALE’s Breda branch in the Netherlands, Paul van der Loo, has designed and built a unique Lego model of the Trojan truck.

The Trojan 8870 8×8 is built entirely out of Lego, is remote controlled and even includes lights. It took Paul almost nine months to build the Lego truck, working to the detailed drawings in his spare time to ensure it was all matching.

Firstly, Paul started by calculating the dimensions of the model to a 1/16 of the real scale using detailed pictures. After working on the initial concept, he started on the axle and driving lines before creating a look that matched the real Trojan – even ordering Lego bricks in the right colour.

Paul, who worked as an intern for ALE in 2016, is currently studying Mechanical engineering at Avans University of Applied sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He said: “Making things out of Lego is a real passion of mine and a hobby I do alongside my studies and work. I decided to build the ALE Trojan truck, because it is a great truck with a fantastic look. You simply cannot compare the Trojan with any ‘normal truck’.

“It was a lot of work to ensure everything matched and found the build of the front two axles, which are steered and driven, particularly challenging. I continued with making improvements and really pleased with the final result.

“I’m very proud of what I have achieved and I hope to show it off at several national events across the Netherlands and maybe even try a lego model of a different ALE equipment.”

This model will be shown at upcoming events like Legoworld in Utrecht and the Europe model show in Ede, the Netherlands.

Click here to watch the video.

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