Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

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With a presence in all the major oil and gas centres in the world, ALE works closely with blue-chip oil and EPC contractors to provide a fully engineered, efficient and cost-effective transportation and installation solution for the handling of critical items of process plant and equipment.

Given our intelligent engineering skills and reputation for fastidious project management, we are well-equipped to meet the demands of long-term operations and high-pressure work carried out during revamps and shutdowns.

Our engineering skills enable us to transport, lift and position reactors, process columns, furnaces and other large elements, manoeuvring these items with precision and safety often in very restricted spaces and within tight time frames. Using combinations of advanced heavy lift cranes, trailers and gantry lift systems, we replace and install items including columns, boilers and fractioning towers, working towards an outcome that exceeds all expectations. Indeed, our comprehensive fleet of heavy cranes – including the world’s largest land based crane – allows us to engineer previously impossible schemes, such as lifting ‘off plot’.



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