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33,000t jacket load-out, China

ALE was contracted to load-out the 33,000t jacket for the LIWAN project in China. Services included strand jack pulling system, barge ballasting/de-ballasting and ballast monitoring.


One of the biggest jackets ever to be loaded-out to date, we used 8 strand jacks to pull the LIWAN jacket on to the barge, a total pulling distance of 250m.


The first stage of the operation was to pull the jacket 50m to the quay edge then 200m along the barge to its final position. As the jacket was loaded out, the ballast systems were used to

compensate for load transfer and tidal compensation.  The HYSY

229 barge was kept level throughout the operation using the ballast monitoring system feeding the information back to a central point. The ballast system included high capacity hydraulic submersible

24PS ring main system with each individual pump providing

2,400 Cu M/hr. The de-ballast system included the 10PS 1,000 Cu

M/hr pumps.

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  • 33,000t jacket load-out, China

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