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ALE complete transportation of container crane, Australia

Overview:  ALE were contracted to transport a newly constructed, fully assembled 945t Liebherr IR 1872 Container crane. The crane was constructed at the Southern end of West Swanson Dock (DP World Terminal), adjacent to the Yarra River and once construction was finalised the crane was to be tracked Northwards along its rails to a predetermined position.

Services required: Once the crane was in this predetermined position ALE  lifted the crane until it was sufficiently clear of the rails and ground, the crane was then transported Westward into a position where 3 of the existing container cranes would be able to track past along the rails; once clear it was then transported to the East and lowered back onto the rails.

Historically a move of this nature had never been performed using conventional SPT’s (typically SPMT or Jack and Skid) substantial engineering was required to ascertain everything from trailer loadings/sweep paths to transport beam requirements/dimensions.

The lift and transport was carried out using 39 axles of Goldhofer trailers (1 x 21 axle line  inc. 2 PPU’s , and 1 x 18 axle line inc. 1 PPU), along with 2 ‘box section’ transport beams along with various load spreading beams.

In preparation for this move ALE  were able to draw on existing resources and ship 2 transport beams from Europe saving on costs involved with the manufacture of 2 new beams. The dimensions of the beams were 23mL x 1mW x 2mH, weighing 38.5te.

Upon arrival the existing beams required some modifications to suit the purpose; the beams would need to be shortened and two additional end assemblies were needed.

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  • ALE complete transportation of container crane, Australia

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