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ALE load-in and transport cement plant cargo, Australia

Overview: ALE  received and transported cargo for the construction of a new cement plant from ships hook to construction yard at Port Kembla, New South Wales.

The Cement plant was fabricated in Spain and shipped to Australia in modular form over a period of 9 months on 5 separate shipments with a total cargo volume of around 138,000 m3 and cargo weight of around 8,000te. The first shipment to be received was in January 2013, with subsequent shipments in April, June, July, and culminating with a final shipment in September.

Services required: The two Nicolas modular self-propelled trailers used on this project comprised 1 x 14 axle line SPT and 1 x 16 line SPT.  ALE  designed and fabricated bespoke transport grillage frames to ensure dynamic loading of the cargo during transport was minimised. Each shipment had a variety of cargo from standard shipping containers and small items of break-bulk that would fit onto conventional 40′ trailer or conventional low loaders 4×4, 7×8.

The larger heavylift items transported using the two configurations of SPT’s. Transport trusses and beams were often large awkward items measuring anything up to 14m long x 14m wide and up to 16m tall with the heaviest item weighing 210te.

ALE’s  engineering department executed all transport engineering for the project which was complex due to the irregular shapes and dimensions of the cargo for transport.

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  • ALE load-in and transport cement plant cargo, Australia

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