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ALE is the first to complete 2,000km transportation route, Saudi Arabia


ALE is the first heavylifting company to attempt and transport two transformers almost 2,000km over mountainous terrain to Al Farsha Substation in the south west of Saudi Arabia.


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As the route was so complex and had never been attempted before, the client tasked ALE with finding a feasible solution for transporting the transformer to the power station. Previous attempts had been made by other companies, but was deemed infeasible so it only reached Baish, 700km from Jeddah.

An extensive survey of all possible routes within the mountainous regions of leading to Farsha was completed which focused on the obstacles, longitudinal and transverse slops that littered the treacherous climbs, declines and passes surrounding the Farsha Substation.

After extensive engineering designs and route feasibility studies, ALE provided the client with a solution that would not only ensure that transformers reached site safety, but also adhered to project schedule and cost requirements.

Each of the transformers, weighing 75t, were loaded by ALE from the storage area onto 2 x 8 axle lines of conventional trailers in a configuration of 2 file 8, with two prime movers utilised for each transformer.

The first phase of transportation from Biash to the substation and back to Jeddah, approximately 700km, involved ALE approach the mountainous area from the northern side. The convoy then proceeded towards Al Khurma, climbing 200km to the altitude of 1,500m above sea level.

On the last stretch towards its final destination 700km away in Farsha ALE had to contend with bad weather and find an alternative route which guaranteed the integrity of the road. Despite the new route adding 200km to the transportation distance, ALE continued to climb to an altitude of 2,500m above sea level and descend 1,500m towards to site, whilst negotiating 21 tunnels over the distance of less than 15km with Police escorts.

For the final climb to Al Farsha substation, ALE had to perform the civil works to adjust the transverse slope by 5% and widen the turns up the final pass by 2m to ensure the cargo could pass safely.

This project really showcases ALE’s routing capabilities, as they achieved what others could not by finding a feasible solution and acquiring the necessary approvals in just two months. Within 11 days ALE had transported both transformers safely to site, covering the distance of 2,000km and confronting all obstacles with ease, using local knowledge and a determination to meet and exceed the clients’ expectations.

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  • ALE is the first to complete 2,000km transportation route, Saudi Arabia

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