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Assembly and transportation of container cranes at Port Adelaide, Australia


ALE has assembled and transported two new container cranes onto the wharf and removed two old container cranes at Port Adelaide, South Australia.


Services Required

All the major container crane components were received under the ship’s hook at the wharf and transported to the assembly yard using 8 axle lines of SPT, where they were offloaded onto stools. The project, including mobilisation, onsite configuration of trailers and beams, took 10 days to complete. Once all preparation was completed the move itself from container crane off rails to back onto the rails was completed in less than an hour with minimum disruption to site.

ALE provided a LR1280 280t crawler crane and a CC2200 350t crawler crane for all of the major lifts required during the assembly phase of the two new container cranes. The heaviest lift was of a dual crane lift weighing 158t.The build phase lasted approximately 14 weeks.

Once fully assembled the two cranes needed to be lifted and transported from assembly yard to the wharf using 60 axle lines of SPMT and two 23m transport girders, complete with end extension, which were specifically designed and fabricated for the project.

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  • Assembly and transportation of container cranes at Port Adelaide, Australia

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