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Bridge capacity increased using multiple installation techniques in Costa Rica




Multiple installation techniques

Coordination with several project teams

Eased congestion


In San José, Costa Rica, to double the capacity of the existing bridge from two lanes to four, ease congestion and increase the capacity of a section of the highway, ALE has used its multiple installation techniques to install a bridge over the Virilla River.

As the widening of the bridge also necessitated the adaption of the water drainage works and the installation of numerous auxiliary structures, ALE needed to work closely with the client to maintain a high level of coordination. This ensured the site was prepared for ALE’s stage of the project and equipment could be installed.

ALE first tilted down one of the piles, weighing 90t, using two strand jacks units of 70t capacity. Both units were mounted on a frame to support the pile of the bridge. The strand jacks were used to manoeuvre the pile until it reached the correct position.

Following this, ALE skidded the deck, weighing 200t, using 90t,150t and 300t skid shoes. ALE skidded the deck, transferring the load along the abutment and supporting structure.

ALE then jacked-down the pile and deck onto the bridge’s supports. Once in position, the client welded the pile to the lower surface of the deck.

This was repeated for the opposite pile and deck with ALE completing the overall project in two months.

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  • Bridge capacity increased using multiple installation techniques in Costa Rica

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