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Bridge launches, Canada

ALE successfully launched two parallel bridges spanning the 1,500m width of the Beauharnais canal, Canada.

Services required: The steel bridges weighing 7100te, each were launched using ALE’s8217;s skid system, and will be part of the new highway 30 in Quebec, Canada.

The bridges were skidded out using 300te jacks; the skid system was the most suitable for this project because of the effectiveness and accuracy when moving such big pieces.

ALE also installed a recovery deflection system consisting of a mast linked by steel wires to the structure using two 850te capacity strands jacks.

Each bridge had an auxiliary launching nose of 20 meters in order to minimize the cantilever and provide a stable operation. Each bridge was launched across the 19 bridge piles which were mostly 82m apart with the execption of the commercial crossing section of the canal which was 160m between piles, in addition to this the incline from one side to the other was up to  3% which needed to be taken into account.

The equipment used for the project included strand jacks ranging from 70te – 850te capacity, 35m high mast, 640m hydraulic skid system, and hydraulic sliding supports.

Due to the harsh winter climate ALE took measures to ensure the safety of employee’s, and performance of equipment, by adaptations such as the use of special steel for higher impact resistance (high charpy resistance), this resistance is usually lowered by cold temperatures. In addition ALE ensured that all of the existing equipment was strenuously tested for working in such cold conditions.

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  • Bridge launches, Canada

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