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Swift bridge replacement reopens Belgium railway within 48 hours





Minimal disruption

Reduced schedule



ALE has completed the swift replacement of a railway bridge, minimising disruption and ensuring the railway lines could be reopened within just 48 hours.

ALE used 28 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 x 2 file 14 to remove the old bridge, weighing 360t, to a demolition area where it was later jacked-down to 1.5m using climbing jacks. This height was agreed with the client to provide them with better access for demolition activities and ensure project efficiency.

The removal of the old bridge was completed simultaneously alongside the installation activities for the new bridge. The new bridge, weighing 855t, was built on six support towers approximately 200m from the installation area. These were designed for an easier installation with SPMTs, so no jacking was required and the operation could be completed swiftly.

Using the same number of axle lines in the same configuration, ALE transported the new bridge over a public road, which was closed during the operation. The new bridge was moved to a temporary location in front of the old bridge.

ALE installed the bridge using SPMTs, with the actual exchange, including the demolition of the old abutments, taking only 12 hours.

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  • Swift bridge replacement reopens Belgium railway within 48 hours

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