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Car dumper installation project, Australia


ALE has successfully completed the site transport and installation of two 400t car dumper cells and a 50t dust enclosure using the largest ALE crane in Australia. The whole operation took three days.

Services Required

The car dumper cells were installed using a LR11350 crane – ALE’s largest crane currently operating in Australia.

The car dumper cells were installed in a very tight concrete structure, surrounded by structures and machinery, which meant that there was limited space for the positioning and manoeuvring of the crane.

ALE designed a dedicated lifting operation to solve this challenge and comply with the client’s minimum distance. Fourteen axle lines of SPMTs were used to pick up each car dumper, which were stooled 500m from the installation position, and deliver them below the hook.

Once under the hook, the car dumper cells were connected to the rigging arrangement and disconnected from the transport frame. The crane crawled to install the cell, clearing the supporting structures by around 10mm each side.

The dust enclosure was erected close to its final position and needed to be uprighted. The rigging arrangement was designed to include chain blocks to allow the uprighting.

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  • Car dumper installation project, Australia

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