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Chowdene Bank bridge replacement, UK


ALE has successfully completed the Chowdene Bank bridge replacement over the East Coast Mainline in Gateshead, UK.


Services Required

ALE was contracted to jack and weigh the two bridge deck sections to be replaced. The old decks weighed 110t and 115t.

ALE was also contracted to supply a crane that was capable of the removal of the old bridge and installation of the replacement Chowdene road bridge over the East Coast Mainline at Chowdene Bank.

ALE lifted the two deck sections using the AK912 crane, which was rigged prior to the main possession in line with the existing bridge and adjacent to the railway. Each of the existing bridge sections were released from their bearings using jacks placed on the abutments under the bridge. The bridge decks were then lifted out in two sections, each weighing approximately 115t each, at a maximum radius of

Once the abutments and central piers were prepared, the new bridge sections were lifted into place using the AK912 crane. The replacement bridge sections varied in weight, from 17.4t – 46.0t. They were lifted at a radii of 21.5m to 59.5m. The heaviest section weighed approximately 65t.

In total around 20 lifts were performed with the AK912 crane over three consecutive weekend possessions.


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  • Chowdene Bank bridge replacement, UK

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