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Crankshaft exchange on-board the Sea Princess cruise vessel, the Netherlands



ALE was tasked with the jacking and lifting operations of an engine block with a broken crankshaft on-board the Sea Princess cruise vessel.



Services Required

The crankshaft was damaged which meant that the total engine block, weighing 30t, needed to be jacked-up to allow a new crankshaft to be installed.

The old crankshaft had been cut in pieces during the transport operation for the new crankshaft, included lifting works from outside the vessel to inside the vessel and transportation to the engine block through the vessel. The new crankshaft was also moved from the vessel’s entrance door to two decks lower.

In order to remove the old crankshaft, the engine block was jacked-up using 60t capacity climbing jacks. These were installed under four brackets, which were bolted to the engine block.

The engine was jacked-up to a height of 1.3m above foundation, after which temporary supports were positioned and two jacking towers were removed. Using chain blocks, the old crankshaft was lowered in two pieces and positioned onto the ALE skid track. The old crankshaft parts were skidded and sea fastened next to the engine.

After the old crankshaft was removed, the engine block was jacked-down onto the foundation for measuring operations by the client.

To install the new crankshaft, it was brought next to the vessel during a three-day port call. Using two truck-mounted cranes, the crankshaft was lifted to inside the vessel, where it was taken over by ALE. The lifting and transportation works inside the vessel were executed using chainblocks and a roller system.

To allow the new crankshaft to be transported to the engine block, hatches were enlarged and a hole needed to be cut in the workshops wall. Using a custom build spreader beam, the crankshaft was lowered from the workshop to next to the engine block. The new crankshaft was lowered and positioned onto the ALE skidding system.

The engine block was jacked-up using the 60t capacity climbing jacking system and temporary supports were reinstalled. After the jack up of the engine block, the new crankshaft was positioned under the engine block using the skidding system. After lifting the crankshaft in the main bearings of the engine block, the jacking operation was executed in reverse and the engine block was positioned onto the foundation.

All operations were executed whilst the vessel was fully operational. All lifting and transportation works of both the old as the new crankshaft were executed during port calls. This could be achieved as all preparations were executed during the vessel’s voya

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  • Crankshaft exchange on-board the Sea Princess cruise vessel, the Netherlands

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