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Jack-up of the Cutty Sark ship, UK



ALE has successfully jacked-up the Cutty Sark ship 3m to create new exhibition space underneath the ship in London, UK.


Services Required

The Cutty Sark ship, weighing 600t, is a 19th century sailing ship that is the world’s sole surviving tea clipper and a visitor attraction in London.

ALE implemented a 24-point jacking system using 100t climbing jacks, jacking beams and over 5,000 hardwood timbers. The jacking system was designed and integrated to the client’s lifting cradle steelwork inside and surrounding the ship. ALE worked closely with the client to develop the system and also conducted site visits and 3D survey models.

ALE also provided load monitoring equipment and software throughout the jacking process. This, together with strain gauges on the ship’s structural members, meant that the structural integrity could be confirmed throughout the process.

ALE positioned the lifting steelwork and carried out a trial lift of 200mm prior to commencing. The ship was then jacked-up 3m to its final height and permanent supports were put in place. ALE assisted with the adjustment of the permanent supports whilst lowering off the jacking system.

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  • Jack-up of the Cutty Sark ship, UK

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