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Effective use of SPMTs for transportation and load-out of a module, Sweden


ALE has completed the transportation and load-out of a living quarters module, weighing 3,190t, for the Martin Linge platform, using SPMTs with a lowered capacity at a shipyard in Sweden.


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The area at the quay had a ground bearing pressure of 7t/m2. Based on this and a geotechnical report from tests at the quay, ALE decided to use a small SPMT configuration loaded with counterweights to test the ground above the calculated loads.

ALE used 12 600t capacity jacks to carry out the weighing of the module.

Due to the weak ground, ALE chose to engage the trailers’ hydraulic capacity at 50%, instead of the normal 80%, in order to spread the load over a larger area. ALE transported the module to the quay using 178 axle lines of SPMT in a configuration of 2 file 46, 4 file 46 and 2 file 40.

ALE overcame the limited space at the quay by placing the longer part of the 20m linkspan bridge on the barge rather than the quay.

ALE then loaded-out the module onto the barge, securing it with temporary grillage.

The entire operation was completed in nine days, with ALE performing the load-out in five hours.

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  • Effective use of SPMTs for transportation and load-out of a module, Sweden

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