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ALE experience powers efficient generator replacement, South Africa


Power generation



Minimised downtime

Co-ordination with third parties



ALE completed the replacement of a generator at one of South Africa’s largest power stations, helping to get the unit back online and running more efficiently with minimal downtime.

The work involved the removal and transportation of the existing generator core, weighing 168t, and the transportation and positioning of its replacement, weighing 205t, at Unit 2 of the Kriel power station in Mpumalanga.  ALE deployed the specialised equipment to perform the 15m high lifts and movements safely, and their experience in the power generation sector meant potential challenges in the form of a busy site with multiple other contractors were managed efficiently, ensuring the project timeframe was kept as short as possible.

Given the confined space inside the power station, a four-point lifting system, bespoke gantry and strand jack assembly were used to lift the generator cores in and out with minimal risk. These phases of work were particularly demanding as they needed to be closely scheduled with the activities of two other contractors working on the renovation project.

The 9km transportation to and from Kriel also presented challenges, as the only suitable route was in constant use by hundreds of trucks delivering coal to the power station. This again demanded careful planning and flexible working to ensure deadlines were met and Kriel’s operations continued to run to schedule.

Saylen Govender, Sales Manager at ALE commented, “We have decades of expertise in transporting high-value power generation equipment. We find this is often a critical factor on projects like Kriel, where sector experience in planning and safe execution can make all the difference in mitigating risk to keep operations on schedule.”

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  • ALE experience powers efficient generator replacement, South Africa

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