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EPIC Deep Space Auditorium Roof Lift, USA


Awarded Project of the Year in 2013 by the Steel Erectors Association, ALE successfully lifted the entire roof structure of a large Auditorium in Madison, Winconsin, USA from temporary steelwork mounted on top of a pre-erected structure around the perimeter of the roof.  The 4,000t structure, which was the size of three football fields, was then lowered 10ft to its final elevation and secured. When complete the Auditorium will seat 11,000 people and cover a total area of 6 acres.

Services Required

The project was engineered in three phases:


To determine how the structure behaved when suspended and assess for any necessary adjustments, ALE lifted the roof in small increments, clearing its supports by 18”.


The roof was lifted approximately 60ft to 10ft above its final elevation. Sixteen 400t strand jacks were mounted on the steelwork on the perimeter of the roof and four 600t strand jacks were installed in pairs on the inside truss section.  Each pair was linked hydraulically forming one single 1,200t jack at two locations. All twenty of the lifting jacks were synchronised to within half an inch of each other, maintained throughout the lift by the hydraulic synchronisation between the power pack and the jacks. The computer system closely monitored loadings and jack extension on each jacking point.


Two permanent roof support columns under the roof were installed and the roof was lowered 10ft to its final elevation.  The perimeter was lowered to line up with bolt up connections at each of the sixteen points using more than 1000 bolts.

Using this method of erection, the need for multiple shoring towers and guy ropes was removed, making the infield usable for sub-assembly and construction. As a result, the erection scheme used saved man hours, equipment rental and weather losses, and improved safety.

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  • EPIC Deep Space Auditorium Roof Lift, USA

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