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Exchange of a crankshaft, Uruguay


ALE has performed a crankshaft exchange on the MS Zaandam cruise ship in Uruguay.


Services Required

The old crankshaft was damaged so needed to be exchanged and refurbished.

Prior to the exchange, the existing structures on the ship were reinforced and reference points were added to show the original position of the engine.

ALE used lifting brackets to lower and lift the old crankshaft.

The new crankshaft, weighing 7.5t, was brought in through the maintenance hatch. It had to be lowered several decks and manoeuvred through tight spaces to reach the engine room.

ALE lifted the engine using 60t jacks and a hydraulic powerpack unit (HPU). The new crankshaft was skidded into place and then lifted into the bearings.

The engine was carefully jacked-down to minimise displacement of the engine block. Using the reference points, ALE was able to position the new crankshaft within an accuracy of 1mm.

ALE completed the exchange in three days.

Click here to watch the video in full.

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  • Exchange of a crankshaft, Uruguay

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