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Fast and flexible response keeps load-out on schedule in the Netherlands






Quick mobilisation



ALE adapted their engineering plans to an unexpected change in water levels, enabling them to still complete the load-out of a tanker on schedule in the Netherlands.

The water level was discovered to be too low to be able to perform the load-out to the barge as originally planned. As a result, ALE had to respond quickly with altered engineering and planning at short notice. This fast response ensured that, while the load-out would take place on a different barge, ALE could still complete the load-out on the original date.

The tanker, weighing 600t, was first jacked-up using climbing jacks at seven points and weighings were carried out. 32 axle lines of SPMT were then driven underneath the tanker in a configuration of 2 x 4 file 8 to transport the tanker.

The following day, a Ro-Ro operation was performed to transport the trailers to the original submersible barge, where the tanker was set down on supports, ready to be submerged and floated off as planned.

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  • Fast and flexible response keeps load-out on schedule in the Netherlands

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