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Full turnkey solution drives timely tunnel completion in the UAE





Experienced team

Turnkey solution

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ALE provided a timely turnkey heavylifting scope for the Deep Tunnel Project in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Unlike others, ALE was able to supply not only the extensive engineering, but also the experienced personnel and best-suited equipment, leading to a simplified and successful delivery of tunnel boring machine (TBM) components in the most cost-efficient way possible.

ALE worked alongside the clients throughout. For the engineering preparation, ALE developed a Method Statement, including transport drawings and calculations especially for larger components which needed to be on hydraulic trailers. A route survey was also performed to ensure the feasibility. The various teams were in close communication with each other, and co-ordinated with the local Government’s Road and Transport Authority to receive the necessary permits and comply with the local regulations.

The TBM components were received from the Jebel Ali Port. They were then transported overland to the two project sites using 24 axle lines of conventional trailers in a 4 file 12 configuration. Once on site, they were offloaded.

By using ALE as one contractor, as opposed to multiple subcontractors, their dedicated in-house team could quickly coordinate to ensure seamless completion that was as time and as cost-effective as possible.

The components will form a new underground tunnel, approximately 12,000m long, to collect and transport rain and groundwater – a much-needed drainage solution for the city.

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  • Full turnkey solution drives timely tunnel completion in the UAE

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