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Gantry crane rotation, Brazil


ALE has successfully loaded, rotated and unloaded a 2,810t gantry crane from its temporary position, onto its final track location at a shipyard in Espírito Santo, Brazil.


Services required:

ALE was hired to uplift a gantry crane, weighing 2,810t, from a temporary position, rotate and unload it onto its final track location.
The gantry crane measured 150m wide and 95m high and was shipped fully assembled from Asia. The ship transporting it could only be moored 90 degrees to the quay. Therefore, once the gantry was unloaded, ALE needed to rotate it, so the gantry crane could move on its rails, alongside the quay.
To execute this very delicate operation, ALE utilised 132 axle lines of SPMT with eight PPUs to perform the manoeuvres.
During the moves, ALE faced a number of challenges. One of these was the fact that one of the gantry legs had a hinge on the top. This meant that any misalignment during the rotation (in any of the two directions) could have caused an opening of the leg and potential damage to the structure or even the collapse of it. The limits were set at 500mm for the leg opening and only 300mm for the longitudinal misalignment between the legs.
To reach this delicate tolerance, SPMTs were synchronised and laser systems were installed to monitor the distance in between the legs. A topography was also used for this same purpose.
Due to the very heavy loads imposed on the gantry crane structure, all of the support points between the gantry and ALE´s equipment needed to be aligned with the crane manufacturer’s guidelines. For this, ALE made two visits with the client to the manufacturer in China, so the safest transport configuration was chosen.
The whole operation, including the jacking-up, rotation and jacking down, took four hours to complete. The crane will be used on the yard to handle ship blocks.

The video can be viewed here.

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  • Gantry crane rotation, Brazil

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