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Gazflot Load-out, South Korea

Using a hydraulic skid system, ALE successfully performed the skidded load-out of a 19,400t topside platform.


Using our pioneering self-propelled hydraulic skidding system we lifted the Gazflot topside from its fabrication supports and skidded it using 24,650t capacity and 24,500t capacity skid shoes, all integrated with hydraulic jacks to control the loadings and ground pressures. With all 48 skid shoes hydraulically connected, they provide a 3-point hydraulic supporting system.


The project required innovative engineering to accommodate the need for different loads at various support points. Once the topside was skidded across the quayside onto the semi-submersible transportation vessel it was positioned onto grillages using the hydraulic cylinders.

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  • Gazflot Load-out, South Korea

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