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Headingly bridge replacement, UK


ALE were tasked with removing the old bridge and installing two new bridge decks and a platform section at Headingly train station.


Services Required

The old bridge comprised of two sections weighing 25t each. The new bridge was comprised of two bridge decks weighing 32.2t and 44.2t and a platform section weighing 63t.


In order to perform this bridge replacement ALE were required to develop an innovative solution to remove the old bridge and install the new bridge in a restricted area and within a tight time window of a 50 hour possession. They devised a method utilising turntables on 4 x 2 file six axle SPMTs, a 350t crane was utilised to lift the bridge decks onto and off the SPMTs and onto and off waiting transport.


After mobilisation, set-up and testing, all equipment was moved into position ready for the operation to commence as soon as the possession was available.


In consideration of the width of the footpath to the bridge, ALE could not configure the trailers in a width that would normally be used. ALE drove the 4 x six axle lines of SPMT and the 10 axle line SPMT from the holding area to the open roads and into the road closure. The 350t crane was brought into the road closure as soon as the closure was in place so that it could be rigged and ready to lift as soon as the new deck pieces arrived on site.


Once the track was stripped off the bridge, ALE drove the SPMTs underneath the existing bridge and lifted the first deck out, rotated it, then lifted the second deck out and rotated it. Both SPMTs were then driven out together to the waiting crane where the decks were lifted off individually and straight on to a waiting flatbed wagon and driven out of the road closure.


ALE took down the transitional slabs to the location of the newly formed abutments, where they were lifted off using an 80t crane. The transition slabs were transported utilising the 10 axle lines of SPMT. Once all the transition slabs had been positioned the 10 axle lines of SPMT were pulled clear and parked up in the road closure. ALE then drove two new bridge decks down to the newly formed abutments, each deck was then rotated 90 degrees ready for installation.


For the installation phase, ALE used a combination of hand turfers and hydraulic turfers to rotate the bridge decks, for final alignment the SPMTs own steering and hydraulics were used to line up the bridge decks onto the bearings. The SPMTs were then driven back to the holding compound ready for demobilisation. Once the backfill/ballast and tracks had been installed the platform deck was installed using the same methodology as the previous two decks.

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  • Headingly bridge replacement, UK

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