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House Move, Mexico

ALE were responsible for skidding a historic building, protected by the Fine Arts of Mexico, in order to free space to build a car park. Once the car park was completed, the 2,500te house was then skidded back to its original position.

ALE used the SKS1000 skidding system, composed of modular skid tracks and 6 skidshoes with a total length of 46m per line. Each skidshoe incorporated two 500te capacity vertical hydraulic cylinders with a stroke of 300mm.

The house was jacked up 50mm in order to remove the temporary supports, skidded 17 metres and placed back on temporary supports whilst the car park was built. During this time, the total weight of the house was supported by the skidding equipment. The temporary supports were then removed and the house skidded 17 metres back to its starting point. The final process was for ALE to complete the jacking down to ground level.




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  • House Move, Mexico

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