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Bespoke methodology for hull rotation, South Africa


ALE has successfully performed the loading, transportation and rotation of a ship hull, weighing 100t, in Table Bay Harbour, South Africa.


Services Required

The hull was first loaded onto 24 axle lines of SPT in a configuration of 3 file 16.  These were chosen as they were the best transport solution, suitable for the dimensions of the hull.

The hull was then transported from the fabrication warehouse to the rotation area within the harbour.

The hull, which was built upside down to reduce the man hours spent on fabrication work, then needed to be rotated. Considering the hull’s asymmetrical shape, it could not be rotated using the normal cradle method and ALE was tasked with finding an alternative solution.

Instead, ALE utilised three 220t cranes to rotate the hull 90 degrees, detach the third crane, relocate it to the opposite side, reattach it and complete the rotation. This methodology was favourable to the client as it saved costs as only three, not four, cranes were required.

The hull was then transported back on the SPTs to the fabrication warehouse and offloaded using the trailers’ hydraulics.

The project was completed in three days.

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  • Bespoke methodology for hull rotation, South Africa

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