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Installation of an 800t railroad bridge over highway in Erlangen, Germany


The jack-up, transportation and installation of a railroad bridge, weighing 800t and measuring 74m long, over the A3 highway near Erlangen in Germany, has been successfully completed by ALE.

Services Required

Jacking the bridge

Built on supports, the railroad bridge was jacked-up by 2m using climbing jacks. Afterwards, two 12-lines and two 6-lines of SPMTs were installed under the bridge.

Transporting the bridge

The bridge was driven forward 50m, where skidding plates were installed in front of the first abutment. Using two 70t strand jacks at one end of the bridge, the bridge was pulled to the stationary skidding plates.

Installation of the bridge

Four sets of towers with stationary skidding plates were assembled to support the bridge during installation, connected by strands so that the horizontal force of the friction between the bridge and stationary skidding plate was distributed to the strand jack.

The 74m long bridge was launched in several steps with an average speed of 10MPH over the highway, because of permission to skid over the highway. Every time the bridge came above the next stationary skidding plate, a part of the bridge load was transferred to prevent overloading the bridge.

Once at the end position, the bridge was reset by four 285t climbing jacks, two on each abutment to a total height of 4.5m. Towers with stationary skidding plates were moved to the side to make sure the bridge could be jacked down. Once jacked down, the bridge was set down on the clients’ supports.

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  • Installation of an 800t railroad bridge over highway in Erlangen, Germany

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