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Installation of the Carl-Urich Bridge, Germany


The installation of the Carl-Ulrich bridge in Offenbach am Main, Germany, has been successfully completed by ALE.

Services Required

Jacking up the bridge and preparing the transportation

Weighing 1,100t and measuring 150m long, the new bridge was built on the quayside. The bridge was jacked up 1.6m using four 500t capacity climbing jacks. 48 axle lines of SPMT were prepared with supporting construction and positioning underneath the bridge. Hydraulic jacks were placed on top of the frame to be able to compensate for the deformation of the bridge.

Bridge load-out

The bridge was loaded out onto the SPMTs and driven onto two, 66m x 11.5m barges. Each barge was fitted with a bespoke combination of four winches and four fairleads to guide the winch wires, along with a hydraulic powerpack and generator to power the winches.

Bridge installation

The bridge was transported from the quayside  to its final location across the river Main by rotating the bridge 90 degrees and connecting each barge to the river bank with four winches, which were then used to guide the bridge, SPMT and barges to the installation position of the bridge. During this process, the anchor points of some winches were changed in between phases. When the final position was reached, the bridge was then lowered into its foundations by ballasting the barges.


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  • Installation of the Carl-Urich Bridge, Germany

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