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Installation of a 1,825t railway bridge, Bad Staffelstein, Germany



ALE has successfully completed the installation of the 1,825t Flutmuldenbrüke railway bridge in Bad Staffelstein, Germany.


Services Required

The bridge was built on supports and ALE first installed a stationary skidding system under the main girders of the bridge, which weighed 1,825t and measured 89.1m in length.

Using the hydraulics of the stationary skidding system ALE lifted the bridge off its supports, before using two 70t strand jacks to skid the bridge forward.

As the bridge moved forward and the rear row of stationary skidding units were released, they were then moved to the front to enable the bridge to continue moving forwards. During this skidding operation a speed of 10m/h was achieved.

The bridge was skidded into its final position before being jacked-up using a total of four 500t capacity hydraulic jacks.

The stationary skidding system was then removed and the bridge was jacked down onto temporary supports.

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  • Installation of a 1,825t railway bridge, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

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