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Transportation and installation of heavylift components, South Africa


ALE has successfully transported 19 heavy concentrating solar power (CSP) components from the Port of Luderitz, Nambia, to Ilanga Solar One in the Northern Cape, South Africa, before installing them at the project site.


Services Required

ALE received the geared vessels at the Port of Luderitz on various specialised multi-axle transport combinations. The components, weighing between 37t – 291t, were staged in the port using the trailers’ hydraulics and steel staging sets.

The components were then transported 845km through Namibia and South Africa to the Ilanga Solar One site. The specialised transport combinations ALE made use of are as follows:

  • 1 x 18-axle, 2-file drawbar trailer
  • 1 x 18-axle, 2-file gooseneck trailer
  • 2 x 20-axle, 2-file widening drawbars
  • 1 x 9-axle, 2-file gooseneck





Once on site, various specialised installation methods were used to position the CSP components into their final position. A 400t crawler crane with Superlift and a 750t assist crawler crane were used to perform various lifts, and a fixed gantry system comprised of four strand jacks were used to perform the installation manoeuvres.  A 500t hydraulic gantry lift and roll over was also utilised, along with various all-terrain mobile cranes.

It took two months to complete.

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  • Transportation and installation of heavylift components, South Africa

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