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Internal transportation of a press machine, Mexico


ALE has successfully performed the internal transportation of a press machine, weighing 170t.


Services Required

Before ALE could transport the press, it was dismantled into two pieces for transportation. In order to do this, the client installed two gantries, one to take the piece from its original position and another one waiting in thedismantling zone to receive the pieces.

The client then released the main gate so ALE’s equipment could be removed from the main installation to go to the final position.

ALE used 10 axle lines, comprising of 6 axle lines of conventional trailer and 4 axle lines of SPT, as well as an end beam with the auxiliary engine.

The first piece, the 100t head of the press machine, was transported and the second piece, the 75t base, was transported the following day.

The route involved tight turning angles and a narrow gate.

As each transport took eight hours, allowing time to move the press from the gantry to the SPTs, ALE had to mobilise the equipment at short notice.

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  • Internal transportation of a press machine, Mexico

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