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Jack-up and installation of Barmbek railway bridge, Germany


ALE has successfully jacked-up and installed the Barmbek railway bridge, weighing 1,250t, in Hamburg, Germany.



Services Required

The works were executed in multiple phases which were clearly defined and followed in close corporation with the client.

The main challenge ALE faced during this project was the tight workspace on site, which required a close co-operation with other contractors and a strict mobilisation and demobilisation plan.


Phase one

ALE positioned four 500t hydraulic climbing jacks onto load spreading beams under the four corners of the bridge.

After a function test of the hydraulic climbing jacking system and approval for the jack-up operation, the bridge was jacked-up to a height of 4.5m above the ground.  60 axle lines of SPMTs in a configuration 4 file 16 were driven under the bridge.


Phase two

Due to a restricted space in the pre-assembly area, the final assembly of the jacking construction was done when the SPMTs were located under the bridge.

Using a mobile crane and a telehandler, the final construction was assembled for operations. The SPMTs, including the jacking construction, were assembled with a centre to centre distance of 75.8m.

A function test was executed, and the bridge was jacked-up to a height of 5m to allow all bracing wires to be tensioned. This jack-up and tensioning was required to allow the bridge the stand-by during a three day period.

The hydraulic climbing jacks on the 4 corners of the bridge were removed and demobilised after the first 5m jack-up.


Phase three

Using the ALE jacking system on the SPMT trailers, the total bridge was jacked-up to final height of 7.1m. ALE also transported and installed the bridge at this height.

At sunrise, ALE started to transport the bridge parallel to the railway for approximately 150m. After the longitudinal transportation, the bridge was manoeuvred using the SPMT trailers. Using the ALE jacking system, the bridge was jacked-down 1.4m and after receiving final approval all the ALE equipment was removed from the installation area and transported to the disassembly area, where all the equipment was disassembled and demobilised.

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  • Jack-up and installation of Barmbek railway bridge, Germany

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