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Jack-up of QU deck, Azerbaijan


ALE has successfully performed the jack-up of the quarters and utilities (QU) deck using their Mega Jack system for an offshore platform project in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Services Required

ALE was contracted for the weighing and jack-up of the QU deck.

In order to perform the jack-up, ALE configured the four towers of the Mega Jack in a 5m x 2.5m configuration with a total capacity of 20.800t. A total of nine layers of jacking beams were utilised (72 beams in total).

After the necessary preparations and tests, the Mega Jack was installed underneath the topside using forklifts. The starter beams were then load tested at 110% of the expected load, as requested by the client. ALE monitored the foundation settlements throughout the initial pick-up.

Before the jack-up, ALE used specially-designed weighing skids on top of the Mega Jack’s jacks and 32 x 750t load cells to weigh the deck at 14,500t. In total, four weighings were performed to ensure accuracy.

The QU deck was jacked-up 14.5m in just two hours, ahead of schedule.

After the jack-up the client installed the load-out frame (LOF) and ALE transferred the topside weight in steps of 10% onto the LOF. After lowering of the QU deck onto the LOF the jacking operation was successfully completed. The total length of this critical operation was achieved in 66% of the scheduled time, taking just two instead of three days.

ALE then performed the skidding load-out of the QU deck with use of strand jacks and performed the ballasting of the barge.

This is part of a much larger offshore platform project, where ALE has also been contracted to perform the weighing, strand jack skidding load-out, load-out ballasting and load-out mooring for the PR deck, as well as the offshore floatovers of the topsides for a different client.

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  • Jack-up of QU deck, Azerbaijan

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