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Jacket transportation, UK


ALE has successfully moved the first of 28 jackets, weighing 1,080t, in North EastĀ England, UK.

Services Required

The jacket, measuring 80m high, was transported using 48 axle lines of SPMT in a 2 x 2 file 24 configuration. The SPMTs were used in conjunction with two transport beams measuring 22m in length. Instead of welding beams to the jacket, ALE came up with a new design using a hydraulically actuated beam extension. Each transport beam had hydraulically actuated extensions which when retracted allowed the beams to be positioned on the SPMTs and driven between the legs of the jacket. When retracted, the extensions were contained within the section of the main beam. To extend, integrated hydraulic rams were used to push the extensions out.

The extensions were located on each end of the beam and extended 400mm each side. When extended the beams are able to bear under the annulus ring of the pile stabber, allowing the SPMTs to pick up the full jacket using the integral hydraulic suspension.

The jacket was transported 100m to a different location onsite, where they would be offloaded by a crane.

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  • Jacket transportation, UK

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